Research and development

Research program

One of the technologies we use for our research program is the so-called double haploid.

This technology allowed us to generate, in the last year, significant number of inbred lines equal to the number of materials created since the beginning of the program.

We developed a second program of late and early planting that includes more than 20 locations and micro plots of evaluation in the field, in the corn area of Argentina.

In pursuit of this innovation, we decided to expand the capacity for analysis and evaluation beyond the traditional localities and regions previously studied.


To achieve greater representation, we participate with the pre-commercial ILLINOIS hybrids in the INTA performance comparison trials network, which gives us greater certainty in determining the future hybrids to be launched in the market.

We have trade agreements with the world’s largest biotechnology suppliers because we are convinced that good genetics must be accompanied by the best available events.

The use of state of the art technology, a broad and representative network of hybrid characterization within a line generation program, favors broad-based germ plasm.
This allows us to reach the farmers with hybrids of excellent performance and stability, adapted to their needs.


Commercial Technicians

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